Interop with MahApps.Metro

Reference implementation

You can find a fully working interop sample in and

The most important steps you have to take to get Fluent.Ribbon working inside a MetroWindow are:

  • You should set ShowSystemMenuOnRightClick to false on your MetroWindow (otherwise the context menu on the ribbon won’t work as expected)
  • You have to use this TitleTemplate
        <Fluent:RibbonTitleBar x:Name="RibbonTitleBar"                                   
                                Header="{Binding Path=Title, RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType=Window}}"/>
  • Implement the following method which should be called after the window is loaded:
private void MahMetroWindow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    this.TitleBar = this.FindChild<RibbonTitleBar>("RibbonTitleBar");
  • You can set UseHighestAvailableAdornerLayer on your Backstage to false (this enables showing MahApps.Metro style dialogs above the backstage)
  • You can create the following style to improve the Backstage interop in case you used UseHighestAvailableAdornerLayer:
<Style x:Key="{x:Type Fluent:BackstageTabControl}"
        TargetType="{x:Type Fluent:BackstageTabControl}"
        BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type Fluent:BackstageTabControl}}">
    <Setter Property="SelectedContentMargin"
            Value="0" />
  • If you want to sync the themes being used implement:
// One time call to ensure initial sync
// Called every time the Fluent.Ribbon theme changes
ThemeManager.IsThemeChanged += (o, args) => SyncThemeManagers();

private static void SyncThemeManagers(OnThemeChangedEventArgs args = null)
    // Sync Fluent and MahApps ThemeManager
    var fluentRibbonTheme = args?.Theme ?? ThemeManager.DetectTheme();
    var appTheme = MahApps.Metro.ThemeManager.AppThemes.First(x => x.Name == "Base" + fluentRibbonTheme.BaseColorScheme);
    var accent = MahApps.Metro.ThemeManager.Accents.First(x => x.Name == fluentRibbonTheme.ColorScheme);
    MahApps.Metro.ThemeManager.ChangeAppStyle(Application.Current, accent, appTheme);