StatusBar and StatusBarItem


    <!-- Place your items here -->

You have to set HorizontalAlignment on every StatusBarItem and every Separator to get the StatusBar to work properly.

  • Using HorizontalAlignment=Left will place items on the left hand side.
  • Using HorizontalAlignment=Right will place items on the right hand side.
  • Using everthing else as HorizontalAlignment will hide the item from the StatusBar.

The ContextMenu for the StatusBar is generated automatically.

A sample StatusBar would look like this:

    <Fluent:StatusBarItem Title="Left placed item"
        <TextBlock Text="150 px" />
    <Separator HorizontalAlignment="Left" />
    <Fluent:StatusBarItem Title="Second left placed item"
                          Value="Value shown in ContextMenu"
                          ToolTip="Your ToolTip"
                          Content="Content shown in StatusBar"
                          HorizontalAlignment="Left" />

    <Fluent:StatusBarItem Title="Item placed on the right side"
                          Value="Your value which is also used as content if no content is set." />

StatusBarItem has the following properties:

  • Title is used as the Header in the ContextMenu.
  • Value is the value shown in the ContextMenu.
  • Content is the content shown in the StatusBar. This can be a simple string or everthing else you want to display.

If Content is not set, Value is used as Content.