Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar is a toolbar with shortcut controls. You can add any Fluent-based control using the context menu (a control has to implement the IQuickAccessToolbarItem interface). You can also pin controls to the Quick Access Toolbar menu.

You can add pinned Quick Access Items named QuickAccessMenuItem to the collection Ribbon.QuickAccessItems. To associate a target element you may bind it to the QuickAccessMenuItem.Target property or just set the content.

<!--Quick Access Toolbar Items-->
    <!--Use Content or Target Property to set QAT item-->
    <Fluent:QuickAccessMenuItem IsChecked="true">
        <Fluent:Button Header="Pink" Icon="Resource-Path to your small icon for this button" />
    <!--You Can Just Bind with Any Control-->
    <Fluent:QuickAccessMenuItem Target="{Binding ElementName=buttonGreen}" />