A RibbonGroupBox can be in one of four states:

  • Large
  • Middle
  • Small
  • Collapsed

By default, a RibbonGroupBox is in the Large state. When a RibbonGroupBox changes its state, it changes the size of all its controls.

RibbonTabItem has a ReduceOrder property. This property defines the order in which the groups reduce. You can enumerate group names from last to first to reduce.

All ribbon contols (Button, DropDownButton, Spinner and so on) have a SizeDefinition property. You can define which size will be used when the group will be in a particular state. For example, if you set SizeDefinition = "Middle, Middle, Small", that means:

  • Large state of the group -> Middle size of the control
  • Middle state of the group -> Middle size of the control
  • Small state of the group -> Small size of the control
<Fluent:RibbonTabItem ReduceOrder="Default,Default,Default,
                                   Other,Other,Other" ...>
    <!--By default ReduceOrder="Large, Middle, Small"-->
    <Fluent:RibbonGroupBox Name="Default" Header="Default Behaviour">
        <Fluent:Button ... />
        <Fluent:Button ... />
        <Fluent:Button ... />
        <Fluent:Button ... />
    <!--You can use short form
    (for ex, "Middle" is equal "Middle,Middle,Middle")-->
    <Fluent:RibbonGroupBox Name="Large" Header="Large Only">
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Large" .../>
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Large" .../>
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Large" .../>
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Large" .../>
    <Fluent:RibbonGroupBox Name="Other" Header="Other">
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Large, Large, Large" Icon="Images\Green.png" ... />
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Large, Large, Small" Icon="Images\Gray.png" ... />
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Middle, Small, Small" Icon="Images\Yellow.png" ... />
        <Fluent:Button SizeDefinition="Middle, Small, Small" Icon="Images\Brown.png" ... />